Saturday, May 7, 2011

Real Life? What's that?

So here I am trying as hard as is humanly possible to not think about graduation (which is the natural state of any college senior), except that it's the only thing I'm allowed to think about. SCAD does its best to prepare us for the reality of our professions, and I think they do a good deal for denial as well.

We started with our personal branding which is harder than it has any right to be. Logos for other people are a snap. My personal branding took weeks of wishy-washy decision making, bad designs, and a disproportional amount of rage at inanimate objects and people that didn't deserve to be the target (my computer, Adobe Illustrator, my mother who was only trying to help, and sometimes the universe). In the end it was worth the frustration to make something that I makes me happy and appropriately represents my work and artistic voice.

Up next is putting together a physical portfolio. Lots of people in my class have purchased Pina Zangaro portfolios. They're sort of like the sports car of Portfolio Land. They're sleek, beautiful, expensive, and everyone wants one even when you're really more of a affordable hatchback kind of person. I'm not so sure they're the way I need to go. There's not a lot out there in the way of professional artist presentations - most options are cheesy or unwieldy. Unfortunately the only other option is to make or customize something. The problem with that is knowing exactly what you need when it's much easy knowing what you don't need. We shall see.