Saturday, November 26, 2011

Offbeat Alphabet!

My friends over at Electric Keychain and I got together and made the alphabet! This is my Letter C!

Everyone had 3 to 4 letters that had been randomly generated, we had our first guest artist which allowed us to do the whole alpabet at once, and everyone picked such wonderful words! Here's just a sample to get you hooked. (The first taste is free... Actually all of it is free.)
Arielle Katarina's style never fails to inspire! And I thoroughly approve of her word choice!

Tatiana Dengo is from Costa Rica and did delightful Spanish words!

Jessie's Letters tell a darkly amusing story. This leopard is just the beginning.

I was glad to get S because whenever given the slightest excuse, I'm going to try to do an illustration of Spock. I love the iconic eyebrows, awful haircut, and the frankly ridiculous number of times he utters "Logical."

I think he likes his Sensors a little too much. 
"You're the only one who understands me Scanner. Don't ever leave."

Go over to Electric Keychain to see the rest. While you're over there, check out our Halloween Self Portraits as well.

Arielle's Site.
Tatiana's Awesome Blog
Jessie's Girl Site.

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