Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sunshine's Night Out! Monster Post!

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Sunshine was the best hamster I ever had. My brother and I adopted her when I was a freshman in college. He graduated and I kept her. She went on a dozen road trips with me and kept me company though all night projects, bad roommates, and breakups. I always imagined that she was a proper lady, polite and quiet, who gave great advice-if only I could understand what she was saying.

Her journey is based on a true story. She got out one night when I accidentally left the cage door open. I looked under and around every piece of furniture in my house the following day. I can only assume that she was curled up somewhere safe and warm. Amazingly, she went home when I left the cage open on the floor the next night. She looked roughed up and a bit grateful when I closed the cage door behind her. I stuck my finger  between the bars and waggled it at her. Sunshine, who was normally skittish when it came to giant hands, actually walked right up to me and licked it. I chose to interpret this as love.
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