Thursday, December 1, 2011

5 Excuses That Don't Excuse- NaNoWriMo

With the end of November comes the end of NaNoWriMo. I did not reach my goal of 29 pages, though I only have 6 pages left, and I'm pretty impressed with myself.

A list of things that kept me from Winning NaNoWriMo.   Reason's I found to Procrastinate.

1. Weekends.

2. Having Friends.

3. Making Christmas Presents.

4. Thanksgiving holiday spent in Florida with my boyfriend's family.

5. The Cover for Smile and Greet the Customer- a glorious Christmas Present from Matter Deep in the form of a short story that you can download for free HERE.

Overall it was a very interesting exercise is see just how much real life gets in the way of work, and an fascinating study in how a goal can change everything.  I found myself thinking and planning my next steps when I was doing other things which let my work time really be work time. I wasn't allowed to dwell on details and I think my book will be more cohesive and wonderful because of it.