Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wrapping Up The Year

This has been my second year making gifts for my family for Christmas. In general I try to use materials that I already have (I have almost every art supply known to man).

This is the ray gun I made for my Dad. He and I are silly over old science fiction and new science fiction and wouldn't-it-be-cool-if-they-science fiction. It's sculpted with Paperclay on top of a Dollar Store dart gun and has a travel shampoo bottle filled with green dyed water, some buttons, armature wire (for the wire) and a doodad I found in Dad's shop for the tip.

For my brother- a steampunk dinosaur made out of armature wire and Sculpy.

Professor Tinyhands is a Very Smart Dinosaur.
As a Very Smart Dinosaur it is his duty to provide for his species.
He’s made them houses.
He’s made them trains.
He’s harnessed the power of steam.
He understands that beyond the sky there is Space, which is Very Large and Very Frightening so thinks about a missile defense system to take care of any pesky meteors.

The other dinosaurs are Grateful and Not Very Smart.
He gets lonely sometimes being the only Very Smart Dinosaur.

Professor Tinyhand’s hands are Very Tiny.
So he’s making some Larger Arms to make building houses and trains easier.
As he works on his Larger Arms and as the sky burns, he thinks to himself:

"Maybe I should have finished the Missile Defense System."

I've been particularly enthusiastic about upcycling this year.  Partially because I love the thrift store and partially because I never want to throw cool stuff away.

So I made a clutch out of a vintage book for my mom, some pillows out of old shirts and ribbons for my sister-in-law, and I added some personal touches to a already existing needlepoint for my boyfriend. Take a guess as to which parts I added.

Hint: The tree was already there.