Monday, March 5, 2012

The Expedition and Beyond Catalog

The Expedition and Beyond- work by 13 artists, introduced through the Women Painting Women phenomenon of 2010, who continue to be challenged and inspired by each other is an art show going up in April at Principle Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia. My mother is one of the artists, and it's guaranteed to be an amazing show (I would know, I've been staring at their work for weeks!)

Matter Deep cooked up the idea for an art catalog for this monumental show, I agreed to do the graphic design and voila!

Creating this catalog was really an amazing experience. It was the most graphic design I have ever done. Through the adrenaline (13 people were counting on me!), the joy of creating, and the I'll-never-be-an-artist-I-should-just-give-up-now moments (that look startlingly like The Plank Game on the floor next to my computer but with more sighing) the shear amount of learning I have done in the last few weeks is astonishing.

I learned:
  • to double, triple, and then quadruple check sizes requirements and bleed settings because my brain likes to play tricks on me (twice).
  • about programs that I thought I knew inside and out.
  • about organizing over a dozen simultaneous information sources. 
  • about effective communication as a human-being and through email. 
  • and that I'll-never-be-an-artist-I-should-just-give-up-now moments are always temporary because I am an artist, and it's not in me to give up.

I like lines, okay. Lines are cool.
There's lots more under the cut!