Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Awesome like a Possum

Now presenting Awesome like a Possum by the Electric Keychain Collective!

A well spoken alligator contemplates whether it would be more fun to be someone else. A pharaoh sparrow, or a steampunk skunk perhaps? Possums are awesome, moose are footloose, but as our alligator decides, it’s always better to be your magnificent self.

Awesome like a Possum is drawn by the seven different artists that make up The Electric Keychain Collective.

Tatiana Dengo: She's got a cat!
Arielle Katarina: She likes water.
Julia Dianne Marshall: She likes pushing buttons!
Carly Strickland: She's really, really short.
Karen Swartz: She loves drawing birds.
Jessie Wright: She likes staying up late.
Jackie Yu: She loves Fantasy!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Please allow me to present you with Four Awesome Reasons why it's a great idea to hire me to make an art catalog for your gallery:

Printing has never been easier! Order two or two thousand copies. There's no print minimum with print-on-demand. Are you a fan of traditional printing? That's fine too! I'm ready to go, no matter which is your cup of tea.

Art catalogs are hip complements to a show. They're sleek promotional materials that double as a celebration of an artist's work and enrich the experience of collecting.

I design to emphasize the art, and preserve the integrity of the work, the artists, and your gallery. I'm uniquely aware of how important this is, because I was raised by a successful figure painter.

But mostly you should hire me to make a catalog for you because I promise it will be awesome.

Look at me still talking when you could see for yourself:

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