Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tshirts, and Now, The Weather

Welcome to Night Vale is a dark, hilarious, indie podcast about a town where every conspiracy you can think of is 100% true (including the one with the five headed dragon, you know the one). It's currently one of my favorite things ever.

Commonplace Books, the owners and writers of Night Vale, was holding a contest for a tshirt design. This is my entry. I couldn't pick just one thing to design, since it was one design per artist, so I did them all.

Special Thanks go to Sir William for designing Hiram McDaniels' five heads.

Listen to Night Vale, you know you want to.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Olympia Heights: The Cult of Kronos Cover Reveal

Olympia Heights final book is coming out this fall, and we're doing a cover reveal giveaway. Enter to win a bunch of cool Olympia Heights stuff (details at the bottom).

Our model for this cover was Mark Miltz, a long time friend of the family and figure painter. I have literally known Mark as long as I've been alive. One day he was over for dinner, and I'm pretty sure I interrupted someone when I blurted, "Amy! Doesn't he look like Jason?!?"

After Amy told me when she wanted the cover done I had some time, so I kept a look out for really amazing clouds, and I'd run out into my front yard and take a bunch of pictures. Pretty sure my neighbors think I'm like, crazy about clouds.

Ahh, Movie Magic Photoshop.

The Giveaway:

Win this cool stuff!